Scadicon’s industrial network team can help you avoid the common pitfalls of poor design and get your plant connectivity right. We know networks and control systems and we know how to make them work in harmony.

We work with you to identify the goals, priorities and issues for the networks supporting your operations. If you’ve completed a network security assessment, we use this to create a network architecture plan based on best practices that meet your organization’s needs. If you lack this, a network map, or current configuration information – we can prepare these for you.

After the design phase is complete, we can develop and thoroughly document a comprehensive network implementation and migration plan.

Our Industrial Network Design Services include:

  • Selecting Ethernet network switch hardware
  • Designing switch cabling configurations, ensuring cabling distance limitations are not exceeded, and ensuring that best practices of network topologies are followed
  • Evaluating and recommending redundancy options based on process risk assessments
  • Providing logical and/or physical separation between plant floor process networks and corporate IT networks
  • Ensuring that networks are designed for the ability to bridge process networks to the corporate networks for plant floor data collection and MES operations
  • Ensuring necessary data throughput on networks by evaluation of node counts, hardware speed, data packet size and analysis tools
  • Designing and documenting the network systems in engineered drawing formats, using proprietary drawing blocks and libraries that can be maintained by the end user