Control system technology is the science of instrumentation and the automatic control of dynamic processes. Our Control system consultants have the ability to apply this knowledge to the planning, design, development, operation, and evaluation of modern control systems to ensure the safety and practical operability of such processes. In the natural gas industry, control systems are used for the local monitoring and control of facilities such as gas processing plants, compressor stations, metering and regulation stations, underground gas storage facilities and liquefied natural gas (LNG) peak-shaving plants and marine terminals. The remote monitoring and control these types of facilities in conjunction with their associated pipelines or distribution systems is performed by supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. SCADA systems are used by production, pipeline and distribution companies to monitor and control their complete network and to archive important operational data.

Why is Control Systems consulting an opportunity not to be missed?
Traditionally, Control System development for the natural gas industry has been performed by Engineering or Construction firms as a part of larger projects or by large automation companies. As such, natural gas companies have not always received systems that utilize the best available technology and that do not fully meet their needs, or they are straddled with high priced proprietary systems that they cannot maintain themselves. In today’s day and age, it is more important then ever for natural gas companies of all sizes to be able to monitor and control their critical infrastructure. Thus, there us a high demand for cost effective, open enterprise control and SCADA systems that meet their needs and are easily maintained.

How can Scadicon help?
Let Scadicon do the heavy lifting by establishing and configuring the infrastructure needed for communications, monitoring, system control, and historical data reporting. We will ensure your systems have enough capacity to accommodate all your processes and to tackle all future obstacles as they arise.